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Red Hat Enterprise [RHCE]

The full RHCE curriculum consists of three courses or modules:


RH0133 Red  Hat Linux   system  administration  exams
Course Description
RH133 focuses on system administration skills. Learn to properly manage a Linux workstation or server, including installation and configuration of local components and services as well as connections to existing network services. This course provides intensive hands-on training. The RH133 course includes the RHCT exam on final day of the course. If you are not interested or would prefer to take the exam at a later date consider RH131 instead.
Audience   IT professionals who install, configure,and/or maintain Linux systems, including virtual machine instances.    

System administrators who have worked on other operating systems but now want to perform those tasks on a Linux system

  Prerequisites   RH033 or equivalent experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Course Content

  • Manage installed software
  • Control the boot process
  • Customize kernel configuration  
  • Manage processes, memory, tasks, printers, and storage
  • Perform user and group administration
  • Configure network settings  
  • Attach to a network directory service
  • Secure file systems with access control lists and quotas
  • Protect data with backups, software RAID, and LVM
  • Create custom and automated installations  
  • Consolidate with virtualization  
  • Perform basic troubleshooting
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