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Red Hat Enterprise [RHCE]

Red Hat Certified Engineer


The RHCE certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. Red Hat certifications are indisputably regarded as the best in Linux, and perhaps, according to some, in all of IT. Upon the completion of our RHCT/RHCE course, you’ll be able to administer more machines in less time, increasing your productivity and saving your company money. You'll be able to deploy and manage any number of Linux boxes with Red Hat Network - from running bare-metal PXE boot, using kick-start images for predefined configuration, to cloning any system in your network and updating whole groups of boxes at once and also install and configure Red Hat Linux; understand limitations of hardware; configure basic networking and file systems for a network; configure the X Window System; perform essential Red Hat Linux system administration; configure basic security for a network server; set up and manage common enterprise networking (IP) services for the organization, carry out server diagnostics and troubleshooting

The full RHCE curriculum consists of three courses or modules:

Benefits of RHCE
There are many benifits. You carry the official RH certification logo on your resume. Certain organizations look for people with certifications than people with just some knowledge. Becoming a certified professional is always a good thing.
,it is good that you are planning for rhce certifications..if you are an IT background student, it ill be benificial for your career in system /network administrator..this certification..all things depends upon be sure of good faculty and also for placement cell..according to me linux guru  is better option for rhce..but i recommend you to go and ask to students.
Who should attend
UNIX or Linux system administrators who have significant real-world experience with UNIX or Linux systems administration and some experience setting up key networking services such as HTTP, DNS, NIS, DHCP, and who want a fast-track course to prepare for the RHCE Exam.

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