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PHP is an open source server side programming language available at free of cost that can be get easily from the market. Its coding style is quiet easy to understandable and it is very efficient on multi-platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX etc. It is very flexible but powerful language, most suitable for developing dynamic web pages. Nowadays developing dynamic websites are in the huge demand due to its specific characteristics like it automatically refreshes and does not need to make much changes manually.

In the recent development, PHP has grown enough to fulfill the requirements of the clients, several web tasks can now be easily perform using PHP that was not possible earlier. For example now we can develop from small websites to giant business and organisational websites, informative forums, chatting platforms, CRM solutions, e-commerce shopping carts, community
websites, e-business, shopping carts and gigantic database driven sites. Moreover, data handing has also been pretty handy in PHP in which the programmers can easily store data, serialize, creating cookies, calculating viewers by cookies and sessions and excellent file management system.

Who Should Attend

Those creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites. Basic experience with HTML is assumed. Programming or PHP experience and exposure to object-oriented terminology are helpful but not required.

PHP course content

PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor.

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